Mycology and Phycology

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Mycology and Phycology are the eukaryotic microorganisms and with them, this study is called Mycology. During classification, Fungi have been given their own separate kingdom. Fungi are multi-faceted which are distributed entirely the world, it can also grow in a large variety of habitats and can survive even the most critical conditions- which include the intense temperatures both cold & super-hot. Algae study is called as Phycology. These are the primary producers in the aquatic ecosystem, are extremely essential in the growth of microorganisms in the water eco-systems. In earlier, they were true plants, but after serious studies, it is found to be pseudo-plants, hence given a separate classification.  In most cases, algae are single-celled and only a few species are multicellular.

  • Fungal and Algal diseases
  • Antimitotic therapy
  • Diseases to plants and animals
  • Spore production
  • Recent discoveries in fungal vaccines
  • Defense against infections
  • Antifungal vaccines

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