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The branch of Microbial parasitology deals with the organisms that sustain both outside and inside of our body Symbiosis. Symbiosis is the way of life. Symbiosis is an association between two organisms, that are beneficial to them both., also called as host, hence the name host-pathogen interaction not only within parasites & microbes but also with humans; These type of interactions commonly take place between a parasite and a host, where the parasites takes dual nourishment with the host playing a major role by supporting the parasite, are either helminthes, protozoan and arthropods, which although  parasites, but do not harm the human body, rather some of them assist the body in continuing its biological systems. They do not cause any major damage, but they are very opportunistic parasites, for that major damage is happened to the host system primarily when the body’s defense system is getting weak.  

  • Protozoan and arthropods
  • Microbial parasitology
  • Host-pathogen interaction
  • The Hosts Immune Response
  • Evolution of Antigenic Variation
  • The Trypanosome VSG Coat

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